What is a Large Energy User?

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 15.41.15Here at EnergyBroker we consider a Large Energy User to be any business where electricity is metered half hourly and gas is measured daily. LEU contracts can be fixed or variable. Deciding on what option to take often depends on the level of energy expertise within an organisation.

Fixed rate strategies will suit businesses that do not have high levels of energy market expertise, while a more flexible framework will suit those who have in house energy managers or market traders.

At EnergyBroker, our team of consultants have their pulse on the energy market and pass on real, actionable advise to Large Energy Users. The energy market is volatile at the moment with energy experts warning of more price hikes on the way. The need for LEU's to use energy consultants has never been greater.


  • Consultants you can trust in an unstable marketplace.

A Large Energy User will face a much higher degree of exposure to wholesale energy market changes, then say, a domestic energy user would. But with these bigger risks comes bigger rewards when prices fall.

With the right advise, the opportunities to save money in the energy market are very cost effective.


  • Can I switch my Half Hourly and Daily energy tariffs?

Absolutely. It is possible to switch Half Hourly or Daily suppliers or tariffs in order to secure cheaper rates. 

The process can be a bit more complicated than regular energy contracts, but our team are happy to use their industry knowledge and experience in this area to help make this process simple for you.

If you have any questions Call: 01-538-3473 or Email: info@energybroker.ie


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Due to our standing in the industry and favourable relationships with a range of energy companies, we have the negotiating power to secure a cheaper price than you’ll be offered when your contract comes up for renewal.






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