Customer Case Study - Dax restaurant, Dublin.

Helping a Dublin based, award winning restauranteur manage energy costs and lower bills.

Owned by Olivier Meisonnave, a man who has lots of experience in running an efficient and successful business, Dax operates from early morning till late, using electricity and gas 5 days a week.

Does your business need help lowering energy costs?


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The day - to - day operations of this successful restaurant are extremely time consuming...

◆ Hiring and training staff

◆ Planning and creating exciting seasonal menus

◆ Maintaining excellent levels of customer service

◆ Driving a strategic marketing strategy

◆ Keeping within budget


Olivier was aware that energy usage in the restaurant was high, wasn’t sure if he was paying the lowest price for it and didn't have time to shop around for cheaper rates.

When he contacted Energybroker he sent in a copy of his latest bills and that day was paying 19% less for Dax’s energy.

Dax had been out of contract and on a much higher rate than they should have been (which is the case for a lot of businesses)

Now we handle the switch of energy provider for Olivier every year. Making sure Dax pays the lowest for energy at all times.


If you haven't been talking to your energy supplier in over a year then you most likely are out of contract and paying too much.

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