Switching energy suppliers

If you live in Ireland you have a range of energy suppliers to choose from. Each one offers 1 year contracts and when that contract is up you are charged more for your energy.

Find out if you are in contract

This means savvy customers can end up saving around €400 a year by switching. However, if you live in a house with more than 3 bedrooms and a poor BER rating your savings could be even higher.

Of course we all love spending less money. Who wouldn't love an extra €400 in their bank account?

So why do 84% of Irish homes never switch suppliers?


Common myths and misconceptions

When it comes to switching suppliers, there are a few misconceptions floating around. Here are four common ones you may have heard:


1. It's too complicated

If you upload a copy of your latest energy bills we can handle every single step of the process on your behalf. We will send you a quote comparison and make the switch for you. That's 5 minutes of your time.


2. They have to turn off my electricity during the changeover

Don’t worry, you won’t be left shivering in the cold and dark. You are changing suppliers, not distributors, your electricity supply won’t be affected.


3. It costs money to switch

No – unless you have to pay an exit fee for leaving the contract early, switching is completely free. You can easily phone your current supplier and ask them to confirm your contract end date. If you're out of contract now, you're paying too much, switching will save you money. 


4. A new power company means new wires or a new meter

Not true. Your new provider will be able to use the same equipment as your old one. So no taking the day off work waiting for installation guys.


How EnergyBroker can help

We’ll search plans from the range of electricity providers in Ireland, and suggest you switch to the cheapest. We’ll even arrange the switch on your behalf.

Best of all, we won’t charge you a cent for our service.

Comparing electricity plans from our range of suppliers is quick and easy with EnergyBroker.





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