Case Study - Marco Pierre White restaurants save €5,900 a year with EnergyBroker.

Focusing energy on guests and diners, rather than energy costs.

The smooth running of a successful restaurant is an energy-rich undertaking. Behind the scenes, lighting, fridges, cookers, air-conditioners, and appliances are constantly on the go. With electricity and gas prices on the rise, CEO Tony Keogh knows he is always paying the lowest price for energy, without affecting customer experience.


Client - Marco Pierre White Restaurants in Ballsbridge & Dawson Street Dublin.

Objective - Lower energy bills without increasing the work load for CEO Tony Keogh.

Insights - According to (The Commission for Regulation of Utilities) 84% of Irish businesses are paying too much for their energy because they don’t realise that they are out of contract and on a much higher variable rate.

What we did - In 2014 Tony Keogh asked us to look at energy bills. Two busy restaurants, annual consumption of around 250,000 kWh’s in electricity and 450,000 kWh’s in gas, both had been out of contract and on very high variable rates. We went to the market and searched for the best rate available. Switching their supplier and signing them up for a 1 year contract.

The next year we contacted Tony, let him know the contract was nearly up, went to the energy suppliers again and found the lowest rates available. We’ve done this for the last 4 years and handle all aspects of the switch and administrational work on behalf of our client.


Testimonial -

‘Efficient & professional, I can rest easy that we are getting the best energy deals for our business’

  • Tony Keogh, CEO, Marco Pierre White Restaurants

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