Money Saving Tips for your Small Business

There are many factors to running a successful business. Keeping an eye on capital is probably the most important.


Here are our tips for your small business to save money:

1) Switch your energy provider

Are you one of 84% of Irish Businesses paying too much for energy? Switching energy provider every year is a sure way to save money. Here at EnergyBroker we handle every step for you. 

Find out how we can help your small business save money on energy bills

2) Communal Advertising 

Marketing for a small business can be very expensive. It can cost you thousands before you start to see any sort of exposure. Contact non competitive small businesses in your area and agree to cross promote. Drop flyers in for their customers, add reciprocal websites links and mention each other on your social media platforms.

3) Use Website Builders

2019 is the year to get your website or online store up and running and we suggest using a website builder. We use Squarespace for our online expose. It allows you to build beautiful websites with little or no technical ability. 

4) Volunteer to speak at Industry Events

If you consider yourself an expert in your field you could share your knowledge with others. This is a great way to get free exposure for your brand.

5) Avoid Full Time Office Space

If you run a retail business then this tip doesn't apply to you, however, most internet businesses can be run remotely. If you don’t work in retail you should try to stay mobile as long as possible. Signing a lease on a office space can be extremely expensive. There are lots of options for remote businesses in Ireland, from renting hot desks to renting out a private office. 


Final Thoughts

When it comes to saving money there are lots of things you can do, but no matter what industry you are in, your business will always use some amount of electricity or gas to operate. Contact us today and find out how much your business could be saving in 2019 on energy costs. 




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