What is carbon footprint & how can we help your business lower theirs?


Greenhouse gases are what is measured when calculating your carbon footprint. These are the gases that make the planet warmer by trapping heat in the atmosphere. 

The figures below from The Environmental Protection Agency show that at 21%, energy (power generation and oil refining) is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

GHG Emissions by sector, 2009"In global terms, Ireland is a small country with a relatively small population. However, Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions per person are amongst the highest of any country in the world. The argument that we are too small a country to make a difference holds no ground -  climate change is a global problem that requires a global solution involving all countries" - EPA.ie 

Purchasing your business energy from a sustainable source shows your commitment to lowering your carbon footprint. Prove to your customers, employees and yourself that you are  committed to running as much of a sustainable business as possible. 

At EnergyBroker we'll switch your business over to renewable energy while also finding you the cheapest rate. 

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