Our simple process for Large Energy Users

EnergyBroker is fully independent and impartial. We go to the whole marketplace and present offers fairly and transparently based on our market experience.

Our only commitment is to our clients and we are dedicated to giving them the best customer service and lowest energy prices we can.



1 - Understanding your needs

Our team will collect relevant information and offer guidance on which type of contract is best suited to your business. Our process always starts with a discussion about your requirements and options. Get in touch today and find out what we can do for you.


2 - We negotiate with the energy suppliers

When your requirements are clear, we negotiate with the suppliers. We regularly work with all energy suppliers in Ireland, so we can ensure the highest levels of competition and thus a better chance of finding you the best deal.


3 - Bespoke Energy Quote

We will compose an energy quote highlighting all the offers available to you.


4 - Set Up

We will make sure the switch process is seamless and everything runs smoothly. We will take care of all the set up operations so you don’t have to. Your account manager will deal with any issues that arise and our customers service team are available to answer any of your questions.


5 - Contract end date monitoring

The team at EnergyBroker will stay in touch and remind you in plenty of time that your contract is coming to an end. We go to the market again and find the best rates for your business year on year.


If you have any questions Call: 01-538-3473 or Email: info@energybroker.ie


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Due to our standing in the industry and favourable relationships with a range of energy companies, we have the negotiating power to secure a cheaper price than you’ll be offered when your contract comes up for renewal.



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