3 ways to keep your employees happy (and why that matters) 


As Richard Branson says, 'If you look after your staff, they will look after your customers. It's that simple.'

Speaking from experience, implementing well-being measures at EnergyBroker has had a really positive impact on the business, proving to us that a commitment to employee happiness really does reap rewards.

Here's just a few ways we try to keep our amazing staff happy so they can produce their best work.


1) Keep your team informed 

We always make time for a weekly meeting. Coming out of your usual work 'zone' and sitting down with a group can remind your staff that they're part of something bigger. It gives us a chance to check up on the status of our tasks and any issues get resolved much faster.


2) Salary 

If you want to attract the best employees and stay competitive, part of that includes giving them what they want. If I want staff who will work to take my business to the next level then I need to invest in them.


3) Employee Perks and additional Benefits 

A recent trip to Escape Dublin for a team building exercise was a great excuse to get out of the office and have some fun together. I also try to provide flexible working hours when I can, which can let staff focus on their tasks at hand and not the clock. Remembering birthdays or just the fact that it's the last Friday of a busy month calls for lunch in a local restaurant.


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