Ways your office can tackle the plastic problem.

According to the Irish Times, Ireland is the top producer of plastic waste in Europe - almost double what the UK produces. 

By now everyone should be aware of how single-use plastic is affecting our planet. David Attenborough and his Blue Planet team sent a haunting message to us all regarding the scale of sea pollution, in particular, plastic pollution with images of turtles wrapped in plastic bags to that heartbreaking clip of a mother whale refusing to let go of her dead baby calf.


There's no question at all, Ireland needs to curb it's throw away plastic usage immediately. While the problem may seem overwhelming, the actions of our business can have a big affect on tackling the problem, and it's not just the big brands that can make a difference. 

At EnergyBroker we've become passionate about reducing plastic waste. 

Together we can help to make a serious difference to the plastic problem. Here's our top tips...


1) Start with a simple waste audit

If you're serious about cutting down on plastic then you won't mind getting your hands dirty! Have a look in your bins and make a note of the type of plastic that is mostly getting thrown away. This will help you identify the best course of action to take.


2) Provide your staff with reusable coffee / tea cups

2 million disposable coffee cups are going into landfill EVERYDAY in Ireland. This really got us thinking about the amount of waste that comes from our office and what we can do to reduce or even eliminate it completely.

Everyone in EnergyBroker recently got a Keep Cup and our daily hit of coffee definitely tastes all the better for it.

You may think this is an expensive move for offices to make, but it's an investment made worthwhile by having a more engaged team. Make your staff feel proud to work in a company that has positive environmental values.


Staff at EnergyBroker now enjoy their daily cuppa out of reusable Keep Cups


3) Make it easier for your staff to bring in their own lunch

Have decent food storage and reheating facilities to encourage staff to bring in homemade lunch, cutting down on buying ones that come in plastic throw away containers. 

Just think about all the salad pots, fruit pots, sandwich cartons, crisp packets and plastic bottles, that fly off the shelves everyday during the lunchtime rush, especially with the meal deals that encourage you to buy even more.


It would seem that people all over the world are waking up to the dangers created by single use plastic. We think it's time Ireland did too. If you’re a business owner or manager  – seize this opportunity to be among the first, and lead the way by using less plastic in your business. 


EnergyBroker are leading energy consultants in Ireland for businesses just like yours. Working with us not only saves you money but also time!

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